Food safety highest priority for local produce grower

Ibrahim Elserafy - Food Safety Manager with VGN Trusted Freshness

November 22, 2018
For Immediate Release

Food safety highest priority for local produce grower

Vertical Growers Network (VGN), a Leduc-based hydroponic produce grower, is assuring its customers and end users of the stringent food safety protocols it uses in all phases of the growing cycle, through to harvesting and packaging.

VGN grows and markets several varieties of lettuce and micro-greens under the Trusted Freshness® brand.

The recent decision of major grocery retailers to voluntarily remove all Romaine products has affected VGN’s operations.

“Our local Canadian produce is grown in a controlled indoor environment where food safety is our highest priority and our employees are trained to ensure Trusted Freshness® produce is grown and packaged on-site with a focus on food safety. This is paramount throughout every step of our vertical farming process,” says Jim Schroeder, VGN’s CEO and Chief Marketing Officer.

VGN produce is analyzed by outside food testing agencies on a scheduled basis to ensure produce is safe. 

As Canada’s newest commercial vertical farming enterprise, VGN is dedicated to ensuring our customers and ultimately the consumer of our Trusted Freshness ®produce receive the highest quality of vertically-farmed fresh, locally grown produce in the shortest time between harvest and consumption.


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