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VGN Announces, “All New” Direct Delivery Program

Typical multinational “Food Service” marketing and distribution networks use southern USA and Mexican produce as their main source of supply for supposed fresh produce using their own brand packaging. While the large food distributors would love to get in the “local” game to supply “LOCAL” fresh produce, their corporate focus is on suppling their foreign sourced branded product.

As a local grower and supplier, VGN Trusted Freshness has also experienced the frustrations of trying to supply fresh produce through typical Food Service supply network using traditional distribution logistics systems that increase shrink, inconsistency, quality issues or flat out product recalls. 

“All New” Direct To You

VGN Direct to You has been designed to market and supply fresh produce direct to the Food Service business consumer. The customer can place their order by phone or online before noon, a VGN dispatched courier will arrive the next business day with the order. No need to visit the local farmers market, VGN will delivery quality, fresh produce the next business day.

Farm to Fork

VGN “farm fresh” products are grown locally in Leduc, Alberta, year-round in the VGN indoor vertical farming facility where Trusted Freshness products do not have to contend with the freezing weather, pests, pesticides or poor harvesting conditions. Mimicking Mother Nature on her perfect day using science and technology, VGN will supply consistent quality Trusted Freshness herbs, microgreens, kales and lettuces, bringing fresh goodness directly to the food service customer.

Product Samples On Request

Customers can call the VGN office to arrange for a visit by a Zone Managers and/or place a request for samples on line, or by phone. 


VGN Direct To You with Ultra Fresh Products

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