Safe, Fresh Produce is #1 Priority

Safe, Fresh produce is #1 Priority

Local producer, VGN Home of Trusted Freshness®, has called in staff this weekend to prepare for the upcoming weeks in light of the Romaine lettuce recall Friday.

Here we are again with another recall due to food poisoning with the fresh produce in the market, this time it is Romaine lettuce from Salinas, California, USA. This happens to be where the bulk of the produce available to you in the market now, whether it be from the grocery store or restaurants. 

Canadian health officials are advising Canadians to follow the U.S.’s public health advice — avoid eating or serving romaine lettuce from Salinas, California.

– Global News: Candice Choi “Canadian consumers should avoid romaine lettuce from Salinas, Calif.”

We are a completely controlled indoor farm located in Leduc, AB offering a selection of tenderleaf lettuces, kales, herbs and microgreens, Our facility most recently received a 98.8% on our CanadaGAP certification, which is the food safety program for commercialized producers in Canada. 

This means we are offering the safest, fresh produce that is consistently high in minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants that you could buy in the market to date. We have pulled in our staff to full capacity this weekend to ensure we will have as much fresh, safe produce that you can find.

We are at select Sobeys/Safeways, Co-op and restaurants in the Greater Edmonton area, Red Deer and Sylvan Lake. If you don’t find the products there, ask your produce manager to get us in there so you too can taste the difference in truly local, safe, fresh leafy greens today.