VGN provides customers with an uncomplicated approach to purchasing a wide variety of vertically farmed fresh produce. VGN has first-hand corporate experience in contract management, warehousing and logistics.

Our single-desk management system enables our customers’ orders to be expedited quickly. We provide a fully integrated customer EDI interface that ensures a smooth process from the time of the order to the delivery of the produce. Our “just in time” inventory systems ensure minimum product degradation.


VGN provides retail and food services customers with comprehensive marketing support services for our Trusted Freshness® branded produce. Every marketing strategy and initiative undertaken by VGN is designed to maximize the sale of Trusted Freshness produce.

VGN’s marketing expertise complements and maximizes the sales opportunities of Trusted Freshness produce. Marketing initiatives VGN provides includes hosting the Trusted Freshness website which is specifically designed to provide consumers with a comprehensive overview of our produce. On the site, consumers are able to learn about the Trusted Freshness brand and the importance VGN places on ensuring customers receive the very best in fresh, nutritious, safe and locally grown produce.

In addition, VGN provides other marketing programs including in-store product sampling, POS materials, product brochures, and online blogs along with other social media initiatives –all designed to promote the Trusted Freshness brand of produce.


VGN Direct to You has been designed to market and supply fresh produce direct to the Food Service business consumer. The customer can place their order by phone or online before noon, a VGN dispatched courier will arrive the next business day with the order. No need to visit the local farmers market, VGN will delivery quality, fresh produce the next business day.



VGN has devoted considerable resources to make sure Trusted Freshness produce packaging incorporates the latest in high tech design and durability. Our recyclable tray, with its breathable film cover, ensures Trusted Freshness produce stays fresh longer in the consumer’s fridge. VGN will soon be introducing a recloseable top which adds an additional convenience for the consumer.

Reduced shrink
Maximum visibility of product
Extended shelf life
Recloseable film top


VGN has first-hand corporate experience in handling the logistics associated with managing the flow of numerous activities involved in moving Trusted Freshness produce from our vertical farming operation to our customers –the retail industry, food services sector and value-added food processors.

Our single desk management system enables our customers’ orders to be expedited quickly. Also, our “just in time” inventory systems ensure minimum product degradation.


VGN is committed to ensuring that food safety receives the highest priority of our contract growers, and in every phase of handling and distributing produce to our customers, including the food service and hospitality industries, retail, distributors, brokers and value-added food processors.

Vertical farming, which takes place in a closed, indoor, climate-controlled environment, adds to VGN’s ability to mitigate food safety concerns. By eliminating pesticides and herbicides, we are able to provide customers with the highest quality of vertically-farmed fresh, locally grown produce.

VGN facilities comply with Canada GAP®, Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. VGN-trained personnel deliver unsurpassed quality assurance and quality oversight from the beginning of the growing cycle to the delivery of produce to our customers.